My Last 4 Weeks!

It has just occurred to me that starting tomorrow (13th of April) I only have 4 weeks until summer!!! Yep just four week left of fourth year and then I off to Italy for a week with my school and then my summer holidays officially begin. This is both a great thing and a terrifying one. If you’re not from Ireland than this might be hard to explain, but once we enter Secondary school or High school we have six years until we graduate. On our 3rd and 6th year we have state exams but there is an optional year just after your first state exam called Transition Year. This year is more about personal development then getting the curriculum done. Its more project based and there are loads of outings and guest speakers that come and talk to you. You get to do work experience and enter competitions and you have a bit more tie on your hands to do the things you enjoy because you don’t have homework every night. I personally have loved fourth year and got so much out of the year and I really don’t want to go back to a normal school environment.

I have made three lists below one for the good things about fourth year, one about the good things of only having four weeks left and one about the bad things of only having two weeks left. My personal pros and cons to Fourth year and school in general. So here I go.

Good Things About 4th Year

  • Meet new people – we are put into different classes so you get to mix with more people from your year group and get to know them a little better.
  • School trip – Unfortunately not everyone always gets to go on the school trip but fortunately myself and literally all of my friends got chosen to go to Italy and I’m so excited.
  • Guest speaker- we have had some amazing guest speakers over this year some funny and others more serious but it’s always great having people tell you about their experience.
  • Outings – being brought all over the country for walks, talks even farms! It’s great to get out of the school and just go somewhere new for a change.
  • Competitions – there are a load of competitions you can enter from fashion, science and law there are loads of things to get involved in.
  • The Play- most schools put on a fourth year play or musical and it was just so much fun. I had a pretty minor role but did have a couple of solo singing parts and it was just so much fun
  • More time – without fourth year I wouldn’t have had the time to start my blog, to learn the ukulele to kind of figure out what I want to do in college, to get a part time job! (Which I got from my work experience) none of that would have happened if I didn’t have that little bit of extra time to just get things done.
  • Try new subjects – this was both good and bad because I personally hate accounting and business subjects and you have to do it as part of a module but then you also have subjects like enterprise where we have literally just made card and arranged flowers and in PE we have had dance lessons, first aid training and self-defence training all of which we get certificates in.
  • Fun – I don’t think I have laughed so hard in ages just having that extra time to do things with friends and other people in your year you end up just having so much fun.

Good things about only having 4 weeks left

  • Only having a limited number of certain classes e.g. I only have 16 more Irish classes and only 8 more accounting classes!
  • There are usually loads of last minute outings and guest speakers over the last few weeks.
  • In four weeks I’m off to Italy!!!
  • It’s the last time I will have to do certain subjects and have certain teachers. (some I will miss but others I’m okay not seeing again)
  • At the end of 4 weeks I have 3 months of summer holidays!

Bad things about only having 4 weeks left

  • It’s my last chance to do certain subject with certain teachers
  • After the summer I have to return to the normal school environment
  • 5th year is the hardest year in secondary school
  • Between school, homework, part time job, friends and family I don’t know will I be able to keep my blog going.
  • I won’t have as much free time.
  • I won’t have as much time to do the things I love to do

All and all I am both nervous and excited about finishing fourth year. I would however encourage everyone who can do fourth year to do it. Now unfortunately all transition year programs aren’t the same and some are better than others, so if you are considering doing TY then maybe try to talk to fourth or fifth year student who have already done it and see what they thought. And if there is one thing I learned about fourth year it that don’t expect things to happen, join things, enter things, and put your name down for everything otherwise you won’t get out of it what you could.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post I know it’s more for people in Ireland but hopefully if you’re not from Ireland you enjoyed it as well. Be sure to like or follow to be updated whenever I post or you can follow me on twitter – @waitingflowers or Instagram – @waitingwallflowers I hoped you enjoy and be sure to leave a comment to let me know what you think about fourth year or if you have done fourth year what you thought about it. Thank you for reading.

Love Lex.


March Favourites

March was a great month filled with lots of amazing things and people. So today I will be sharing with you some of my favourite things of this month and telling you a little about them.

Clothes – So first off my new yoga pants! I got these around the start of the month and I’m in love, they are so comfortable and look really nice on. I’ve started running so these really got me enthusiastic about starting. I always feel more enthusiastic about working out and getting fit after buying some new workout clothes.

Flowers – Now that spring is upon us everything feels almost alive again. The forest seems greener, there is this consent smell of freshly cut grass in the air and most of all there are flowers EVERYWHERE! I love flowers and in school we have been doing flower arranging (yep flower arranging! Thank God for 4th year) so I get to enjoy them even more. For me nothing beats having fresh flowers in our home I just love the look of them and how they can look as simplistic or complicated as you’d like.image3 (2)

Movie- This month was the release of the second film in the Divergent series Insurgent. I have read all the books yet I couldn’t remember anything that happened in that book (I did read it well over a year ago so…) It was an incredible movie and the graphics were amazing! And how could you not love Shailene Woodley and Theo James. I loved the movie but I’m pretty sure that ending didn’t happen or it did and I just cannot remember. I am rereading that book again so I will hopefully be reminded soon of the truth.

TV – This month has been filled with dramatic tv moment especially for any of you who watch Pretty Little Liars! I’ve been watching this show for 5 years now and waiting for the big A reveal and we finally got it! But then there’s a new question….. Who the hell is Charles!!! I honestly don’t think we will ever know, but I really enjoyed that episode and I thought I might even have been the best yet. I have also started watching Once Upon A Time and I’m just in love with it, I’m only on the first season but I’m really enjoying it so far. It is one of those shows you have to wait a while for it go get good but when it gets good IT GETS GOOD!

Friends- This month I’m particular was spent laughing and having fun with a bunch or my friends. Because of all the breaks and stuff we’ve had loads of time to just hangout in a place that isn’t school and just have that long overdue chat which is great every once and a while, also laughing to the point you almost wet yourself is fun to. I’ve also been able to see my friend that moved to Limerick which is great because I hardly see her anymore. All and all lots of lovely memories with lovely people.

Spring weather – I love the weather we’ve been having lately. Warm and sunny one minute, wind and rain the next minute. It still means I can wear my beloved sweaters when it’s slightly colder and I can whip out the beloved Ray Bans in the sun. I can take some really cool and interesting photos using all the different filtered light.


This is a photo I took whilst running in the woods. The way the light reflected created this incredible effect onto the picture I love this photo so much (and there is no filters/effects)

Smoothie- I have been having a smoothie most mornings this month and they are just do delicious and easy. They are the perfect morning pick me up!

image1 (2)

Concert – This month started off amazing with me going to see Hudson Taylor (I have an entire blog post about that if you’d like to read more about it) and I just found out I might be going to see the Coronas!!! So I’m super excited about that!!!


And I think that’s all of them I probably have more but I can’t think of them right now so I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know what you thought about it by leaving a comment of liking! Also be sure to check out my Social media site to be informed on what I’m up to and future blog post or just follow if you’d like! Thank you for reading have a lovely day.

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Love Lex.

How to get through a Sick Day

Obviously sick day are the worst possible days but there are a few thing I do that help me make them better and make me feel that I wasn’t just sitting around all day doing absolutely nothing. From food items to perfect movies, pamper sessions to great movies this post will have it all. So I hope you enjoy and maybe this may help a few of you with nice ideas to do on the days you can’t really do anything. And as I’m writing this I really am sick so this is literally what I’m doing.

Foods I like to eat when I’m sick

Soup- nothing beats a hot bowl of homemade soup and a bread roll (the picture below is actually homemade soup and bread I made myself at this retreat thing a few months back. It was delicious!)

image1 (2)

Natural Jellies – I’m not actually sure if that’s the actual name of the sweets I’m on about but whenever I’m sick my parent always come home with a bag of them for me. I don’t know why or how but they do make me feel better!

Fruit – I try and eat as much fruit as I can just because they contain so many vitamins and healthy bacteria that help fight of colds and flus and I love smoothie (recipe below)

Drinks I love when I’m sick

Smoothies- I love smoothies any way but when you are feeling awful a smoothie is perfect. It can contain so many helpful fruits and vegetables that will help you fight off colds and flus and they taste delicious here is a simple recipe for those of you who are just venturing into the smoothie world and for those of you with a little extra experience.

Greek Yoghurt
Orange juice

And if you want you can add a little bit of honey to sweeten. I tend not to measure out my ingredients so just add the amount you’d like and make sure you add enough liquid (orange juice) to loosen it there are similar more accurate recipes on Pinterest!

Green Tea- I also love drinking green tea (everyday of the week) but especially when you are sick it tastes even better. To be honest I think any hot drink will do it.

Pamper session

This is your perfect opportunity to really go all out and treat yourself! I love lighting a few candles and taking a hot shower (I don’t have a bathL) and using all those product you only like to use on a special occasion. Then grad the biggest cosiest dressing rob you have and get all cosy, and face mask it up! I love using a Deep cleaning face mask just to remove everything and make you feel almost normal again. I also take this opportunity to do a proper manicure and pedicure. I love going all out it makes me feel so much better.
image3 (2)

Things I love to do

When I’m sick I usually just camp out in front of the tv and laptop and catch up on all those shows everyone else finds time to watch. I’ve started watching Once Upon A Time and I’m in love! I’m only on season two so now is the perfect time for me to catch up! I also enjoy watching old Disney classics todays choice Pocahontas! Or tacky, chessey chick flicks they always boost my mood.

I do also use this time to catch up on school projects. I know they are the last thing you want to do when you’re sick but after you finish you do feel like you were productive that day. Then you can also tell your parents you weren’t sitting in front of the tv all day.

SLEEP – for me nothing beats a cold more than a good nap!

So that is a few things that help me get through a sick day! I hope you liked it be sure to check out my social sites (below) and I’d love to know what you guys like to do on the days you’re sick so leave a comment and be sure to subscribe to know when I post next.

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Love Lex.

A Little About Me

If you don’t know my name already then, Hello my name is Lex. I am 16 years old and this is my blog. I guess this is just a little outline of my life so far, so you can get a better understanding me.

First my real name is not Lex, it is similar but Lex is just a nickname. My mother is American and my Father is Irish. I was born in America and lived there until the age of 7 when my parents decided to pack up and move to a small town in Ireland where my father is from, and I’ve lived here ever since. Most people think it would be better to be still living in America, but I like Ireland and it means I’ve had the amazing opportunity to travel a bit of Europe. So I’m currently in my 4th year of secondary school. And for those of you who are not Irish I’m just in my fourth year of high school. Fourth year in Ireland isn’t a normal year in school. It’s a year that gives students a chance to try new subjects and get an opportunity to do a number of different things such as work experience and project work. It is not and exam year and is very relaxed in the way you’re not learning for a certain important exam. You are just learning for the sake of learning something interesting, which I in particular love.

As for my interests I have many. I love music and I play guitar, ukulele and am teaching myself the mandolin. I’ll pretty much listen to anything if I have to but when I get the chance to choose the music it is usually a huge mix of alternative, indie, folk, singer songwriter and acoustic and if I’m in that kind of mood maybe a little pop might be in the mix.

I love photography and I’m always the one who has to stop in the middle of the road just to get a picture because the lighting if perfect, or the way the sky looks is just right. In other words I piss some people off but all to capture the perfect moment so it’s all okay.

I love fashion and make up. I do love shopping and building my wardrobe with a few key pieces and a bunch of nice accessories and basics. I love creating outfits that show of both my personality and creativity and I feel the same when it comes to makeup a few basics and then pops of colour and liner to add a personal touch.

Art. Since as young as I can remember I’ve been holding a paint brush in my hand. I’m not any Picasso or Lichtenstein but I do love drawing and doodling in sketch books. And I love going to galleries and see the work that people have dedicate their lives to and put so much of them self in. I love how art is so personal and can mean so much too so many people (And wow I just sounded too pretentious but you get what I was trying to say)

Traveling. I haven’t done a huge amount of traveling. Yet. But I intend on doing a lot over the next few years. I’ve caught the traveling bug and there is no going back now. I already have plans of going to Italy (Venice, Verona and Lake Garde) in late May which I am very excited for. And hopefully there might be another trip at some point over the rest this year.

And I think that’s it, well that I can think of at this moment! Thank you for reading. Be sure to check out my social media sites to be informed on new blog posts and anything else I’m up to. And if you want to be updated on new blog posts be sure to follow. Oh and I’d love to hear a little about you guys as well so leave a comment with a little fact or something interesting about yourself! Hope you enjoyed

Love Lex.

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First month of Blogging!

To be honest I don’t think I can put into words just how I feel about the past month and what blogging has done to my life. One word I could use and probably have used for every moment I have been blogging is confusing! I don’t really know or understand why so many people have looked at my blog, or why they are following me on social media, or why they take time out of their day just to write me a nice comment or like a tweet. It astonishes me but at the same time makes me so happy and grateful. I always loved writing but it hasn’t always been easy for me to get what I’m thinking out of my head and on a black piece of paper. It has really boosted my confidence and I have you to thank for that.

Your support has been amazing! I’ll let you in on a little secret, not one person I know knows about my blog! Not one family member, not one friend not even my dog knows about it. It is my space and my space alone everything I need/want to write is being written and I couldn’t ask for anything more. And because of your support on social media and on the blog it has really helped and encouraged me to continue it. I must say there have been hectic days where I just think oh who will care if I don’t post anything today or no one will even notice and maybe you won’t! But there are some of you out there who do care or enjoy reading what I have to say and for that I thank you!

And to all the amazing people I’ve spoken to and become friendly to. You have been amazing in giving me tips and ideas and have really encouraged me to keep going so thank you!

This really isn’t a post about my thoughts and opinions on blogging it’s more of a thank you, to all of you who have really made me believe that I could do this. (I say whilst trying not to sound like a typical over emotional teenage girl) I mean this blog has been read in 6 continents in over 30 countries which is incredible!!! And my social media sites have twice as many people than my private account!

This is incredible and for the last time (on this post anyway) I want to Thank everyone! For just being lovely people. Hopefully I have said everything I’ve wanted to say in this post and don’t worry my next post will be really interesting! (I have BIG plans for the next blog) so be sure to Follow or go follow me on Twitter @Waitingflowers or my Instagram @waitingwallflowers to be updated on future post and general stuff.

Hope you enjoyed this little post

Love Lex.

(PS you can call me Lex now I feel it suits my personality more than Lexi)

Hudson Taylor Concert

For those of you who read my last blog post you would know that I went to see Hudson Taylor perform over the weekend, and can I just say that they were AMAZING. I was really lucky and was three rows from the stage so could see everything. They were so energetic and gave everything into their performance. It was also the last night of their first headlining tour and you could tell it was a special moment for them. They also had two incredible opening acts that later joined them on stage. It was a great concert and I would definitely go see them again, in fact they are actually returning to Cork soon so I am really looking forward to that if I can go.

So for this post I thought that I would share with you a few photos from the concert. Hope you enjoy!

image1 (2)

First opening act Jack Morris


Second opening act Southern

image4 (1)

Hudson Taylor opening with ‘Just A Thought’




Them returning on stage for their encore (Looking extremely Irish)


Last song!


Everyone on stage including Jack Morris and Southern

The concert was amazing if you haven’t checked out Hudson Taylor I would highly advise it! They were incredible to watch and even better to listen to. Its great seeing a band I’ve loved for ages now grow in popularity and grow as artists. Their New album ‘Singing for strangers’ is must have on your Ipod! Also go check out Jack Morris and Southern, since the concert I have had them none stop playing on Youtube!

I hope you enjoyed this little post and I’m sorry if the picture quality isn’t 100% I have better photos up on my instagram account @waitingwallflowers and on my twitter account @waitingflowers so go check those out! be sure to like or leave a comment I love hearing from you! and if you’d like sure to subscribe. Thanks for reading.

Love Lexi.


Hudson Taylor Concert!

So I was lucky enough to get Hudson Taylor tickets for my birthday. If you don’t know who Hudson Taylor are they are two Irish brothers (Harry and Alfie Hudson- Taylor) from Dublin. They have been on the music seen since 2011 and released their debut EP Battles in August 2012, in November that year they also released their Cinematic Lifestyle EP and then they released their Osea EP in October 2013. I own all of these EPs and I can honestly say there is not one song on any of them that is ‘okay’ or ‘only alright’ they are all amazing and complement each other perfectly. And now they have just realised their first debut album Singing for Strangers which is just a piece of musical genius! (Released January 16th 2015) I am just in love with their old folky vibes whilst still being able to keep the music sounding fresh and original. And I know they get this everyday on social media sites but they are literally the modern day Simon and Garfunkel!


So the concert is this Sunday 1st of March and is the final night of their first headlining tour! And after being a fan of their music for so long it’s needless to say that I am very excited! So in preparation for this concert I have decided to make a concert check list! Pretty much a list of everything you need for the concert, from waiting outside to in the end! I hope this help a few of you who have concerts coming up or who have never been to a concert and want to be prepared for when that day comes. So here it goes! Hope you enjoy!

Outfit- This is what I’ll be wearing to the concert. I’m in the standing zone so I’m wearing these comfortable old style shoes. ALWAYS wear comfortable shoes to a concert whether you’re sitting or standing because there is still a lot of waiting around in lines so if your feet hurt then you won’t be enjoying the concert. For the concert I’ve gone for this bohemian old school vide, I’m just in love with this playsuit (Zara) and it so comfortable and easy to move in so prefect for a concert. The kimono (New Look) just adds a little something extra and the belt bring the dress in and shows off my waist. I just love this outfit and I think its prefect for a concert.

image1 (2)

Venue – Always make sure you have all the details of the venue! A lot of venues don’t allow people under the age of 16 to enter without an adult. I’m sixteen so I’m fine and I have been to this venue many times before so I know all the exits and stuff! Just try to know your surroundings just in case you feel ill or one of your friends do! It gets hot in concerts so something like that could very well happen, it has happened to a few of my friends before!

Camera – DO NOT FORGET A CAMERA!!! If you do you will regret it to the day you die. I’m using my IPhone to take the photos, and don’t just rely on your friend for all the photos. Phones and cameras break and you could lose photos very easily so if only one of you have the photos and that one gets broken then you are screwed!!! It’s also nice to be able to look back at them in the future.

Umbrella- Now for those of you who live in beautiful California, Spain or Australia where it never seems to rain then lucky you, you can skip this part. But if like me you live in Ireland or England or somewhere where it rains a lot! BRING AN UMBRELLA! I went to a Mumford and Sons concert in December (2012) (best concert I’ve been to so far <3) and we knew it was about to rain just before we started to head towards the venue, so we were smart and we bought cheap umbrellas in some store and they were so useful. The second we got to the venue it started raining and if we hadn’t gotten the umbrellas then we would have been standing out in the rain for over an hour. You do not want that?

And finally Friends- being able to share the experience with a friend will make it worth your while, you will probably get some inside jokes (I have plenty form concert) you will be able to talk/relive it with those friend and best of all you will enjoy being able to share that experience with someone who loves the artist just as much as you do! I’m going with 3 of my best friends and I just know I’m going to have an incredible time!

image1 (2)

I hoped this helped a few of you! If you have any concerts coming up leave and comment down below telling me who you are going to see or tweet me @waitingflowers or if you have just been to a concert tag me in the photo on Instagram @waitingwallflowers I’d love to hear about what music you guys are into and hopefully find some new artist to listen to. Be sure to check out Hudson Taylor they have a YouTube channel with all their songs and few covers. I hope you love them just as much as I do!

Thank you for reading!

Love Lexi.

My Favourite Makeup Products

Just like my wardrobe I also have a few statement makeup items. Ones I always grab in the morning and are always in my makeup bag. My favourite and most loved products. So I’ve decided to show these amazing items to you in hope that you will be persuaded to join me and love them just as much as I do.

image3 (1)

Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation in the shade True Nude – This foundation is beautiful and gives you radiant, dewy skin whilst providing quite a good, buildable coverage. It is easy to blend into the skin and is a perfect match to my skin tone.

TopShop cream blusher in the colour Illicit – This blusher is the perfect pink colour with beautiful gold and brown undertones. It is also so easy to apply and in no way scary like other cream bushes, it easily blends into the skin providing a natural flush to the cheeks. And is the only blush I use.

Bare mineral Bronzer in the shade Warmth – Is the perfect bronze colour for my skin. I got it with the Bare Minerals starter kit so it is literally the perfect bronze shade for my skin tone and so easy to build and blend into the skin.


Naked Palette- I’m sure you have all heard quite a lot about this palette but it’s because they are really worth the rave. I use every single colour in this palette and it is just so beautiful. It’s the one I always reach for. I’ve actually left it at a friends so I don’t have it in todays photos but my favourite colours are Virgin, Sin, Half Baked, Naked and Smog.

Collection Extreme 24 hr Felt Tip Liner- This liner has everything you need in a liner. It is super black, super easy to use and has super staying power. What more can I say but I love this liner.

The Body Shops Eye Definer Shade in the colour Copper Brown – This is just a simple easy to use eye liner pencil. But I love it. It is not waxy or harsh on the eyes, and so easy to blend and create and natural or smoky eye makeup look.

image1 (2)

Rimmel Lip liner in the shade Eastend Snob- Another online cult classic this lip liner is just beautiful from its shade to its shape it is perfection. It has great staying power and suits so many skin tones.

Bare Minerals Lip Stick in the shade Be Brave- This beautiful nude shade is just the perfect nude for my lips and has lovely minty taste to it which I really enjoy. It is just perfect! it is moisturizing and stays on my lips all day.

The Body Shops Vitamin E Lip Care – I suffer from really dry lips so I’m always looking for a good lip care product to go under my lipsticks. And this just does the job beautifully. It is not stick or heavy on the lips and I can apply my lipstick, gloss or lip liner on almost immediately after applying it. It’s not the best product I’ve had for dry lips but it defiantly does the job.

image4 (1)

I hope you enjoyed this little post! I am by no means a makeup expert but I do really enjoy using these products. I would highly recommend them especially if you are starting your own makeup collection. Also these product work for my skin tone and skin type which mean they may not work for you. But there are thousands of other products that might suit you better. Just because I love them and they work for me doesn’t mean you should just go out and buy them, buy what works for you! That is my Number One makeup tip!!!

Well I hoped you enjoyed be sure to like or leave a comment, or you can check out my social media sites.

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Love Lexi.

50 shades of my wardrobe

So with such a hype over the release of fifty shade of grey over this past week I thought there must be a pun with the title I can use. Then I thought 50 SHADES OF MY WARDROBE! Pretty much I will be going through a few of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe and colour code them! Just to give you an insight into both my style and my personality!  I won’t be showing you my entire wardrobe because then this blog post would be far too long, but I will show you SOME of my favourite pieces. Also I realise that there isn’t exactly 50 shades here but we will quickly forget that fact and move on!

Hope you enjoy!



Geek Jumper and Red shirt – I wore the red shirt all through the Christmas season. I felt so festive.

I own nothing orange so I’m just going to skip this one.



Mustard jumper – Okay I know this is more of a mustard colour but mustard is a shade of yellow!



Army green low neck shirt, teal skater skirt and my olive jeans – I am just in love with these jeans they are just so comfortable and easy to wear.


image3 (1)

Blue printed skater dress, blue scarf with floral detail, blue beanie and blue denim jeans – I lived in this dress over the summer it just fits perfectly, suits my figure and looks incredible with my navy kimono!



Navy kimono with cream feathers, navy kimono and navy lace dress – I am in love with all of these! (Sorry the picture isn’t great my camera just didn’t want to work)


image1 (2)

Pink lace dress with sleeves and high wasted jeans – I love this rose pink colour on my skin and I love wearing those pink jeans with my black leather jacket just to edge it up a little!



No’1 addiction top, skaters skirt, rain jacket and these vintages style shoes with burgundy tops – I just love this colour for the colder months and I think it really suits my skin tone and eye colour. (Dark brown if you were wondering)


image4 (1)

White lace dress and a full length dress with cut out back – I wore the full length dress to my cousins wedding last October and I got so many compliments! I wore it with my navy kimono and a cute head piece I was going for the bohemian vibe and it worked!



Grey camera print top, grey beanie, grey oversized jumper and grey skater skirt – I just love everything here, I always wear that printed top and if I’m just hanging around the house then I love wearing my grey jumper! And a little secret I got the beanie in the guys section on Primark! Shhh…..



Black crop top with little white flowers, LBLD little black lace dress, floor length skirt with slits up the side, black cut out shoes and my newest purchase this black poncho thing I don’t really know what it is but I love it and I just know I’m going to wear it all the time!

Black and white


Camera print crop top, black and white jumper, panda hat and white and black jeans – I’m just in love with the crop top. I got it in this shop in Rome last summer and I literally could have bought the entire shop!

Leather (pleather)


Nude, brown and black pleather jackets. Let’s face it I’m a student I cannot afford real leather. Also I’m an animal lover so I wouldn’t! I also realise Leather is not a colour but sure what can we do!

So that is some of my clothes from my wardrobe, I hope you enjoyed! Be sure to like and follow to be updated on future blog posts. And or go follow me on my social networking sites. And be sure to leave a comment if you have any future blog ideas I’m always open to suggestions.

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I hope you have a lovely day

Love Lexi.