Hudson Taylor Concert!

So I was lucky enough to get Hudson Taylor tickets for my birthday. If you don’t know who Hudson Taylor are they are two Irish brothers (Harry and Alfie Hudson- Taylor) from Dublin. They have been on the music seen since 2011 and released their debut EP Battles in August 2012, in November that year they also released their Cinematic Lifestyle EP and then they released their Osea EP in October 2013. I own all of these EPs and I can honestly say there is not one song on any of them that is ‘okay’ or ‘only alright’ they are all amazing and complement each other perfectly. And now they have just realised their first debut album Singing for Strangers which is just a piece of musical genius! (Released January 16th 2015) I am just in love with their old folky vibes whilst still being able to keep the music sounding fresh and original. And I know they get this everyday on social media sites but they are literally the modern day Simon and Garfunkel!


So the concert is this Sunday 1st of March and is the final night of their first headlining tour! And after being a fan of their music for so long it’s needless to say that I am very excited! So in preparation for this concert I have decided to make a concert check list! Pretty much a list of everything you need for the concert, from waiting outside to in the end! I hope this help a few of you who have concerts coming up or who have never been to a concert and want to be prepared for when that day comes. So here it goes! Hope you enjoy!

Outfit- This is what I’ll be wearing to the concert. I’m in the standing zone so I’m wearing these comfortable old style shoes. ALWAYS wear comfortable shoes to a concert whether you’re sitting or standing because there is still a lot of waiting around in lines so if your feet hurt then you won’t be enjoying the concert. For the concert I’ve gone for this bohemian old school vide, I’m just in love with this playsuit (Zara) and it so comfortable and easy to move in so prefect for a concert. The kimono (New Look) just adds a little something extra and the belt bring the dress in and shows off my waist. I just love this outfit and I think its prefect for a concert.

image1 (2)

Venue – Always make sure you have all the details of the venue! A lot of venues don’t allow people under the age of 16 to enter without an adult. I’m sixteen so I’m fine and I have been to this venue many times before so I know all the exits and stuff! Just try to know your surroundings just in case you feel ill or one of your friends do! It gets hot in concerts so something like that could very well happen, it has happened to a few of my friends before!

Camera – DO NOT FORGET A CAMERA!!! If you do you will regret it to the day you die. I’m using my IPhone to take the photos, and don’t just rely on your friend for all the photos. Phones and cameras break and you could lose photos very easily so if only one of you have the photos and that one gets broken then you are screwed!!! It’s also nice to be able to look back at them in the future.

Umbrella- Now for those of you who live in beautiful California, Spain or Australia where it never seems to rain then lucky you, you can skip this part. But if like me you live in Ireland or England or somewhere where it rains a lot! BRING AN UMBRELLA! I went to a Mumford and Sons concert in December (2012) (best concert I’ve been to so far <3) and we knew it was about to rain just before we started to head towards the venue, so we were smart and we bought cheap umbrellas in some store and they were so useful. The second we got to the venue it started raining and if we hadn’t gotten the umbrellas then we would have been standing out in the rain for over an hour. You do not want that?

And finally Friends- being able to share the experience with a friend will make it worth your while, you will probably get some inside jokes (I have plenty form concert) you will be able to talk/relive it with those friend and best of all you will enjoy being able to share that experience with someone who loves the artist just as much as you do! I’m going with 3 of my best friends and I just know I’m going to have an incredible time!

image1 (2)

I hoped this helped a few of you! If you have any concerts coming up leave and comment down below telling me who you are going to see or tweet me @waitingflowers or if you have just been to a concert tag me in the photo on Instagram @waitingwallflowers I’d love to hear about what music you guys are into and hopefully find some new artist to listen to. Be sure to check out Hudson Taylor they have a YouTube channel with all their songs and few covers. I hope you love them just as much as I do!

Thank you for reading!

Love Lexi.


My Favourite Makeup Products

Just like my wardrobe I also have a few statement makeup items. Ones I always grab in the morning and are always in my makeup bag. My favourite and most loved products. So I’ve decided to show these amazing items to you in hope that you will be persuaded to join me and love them just as much as I do.

image3 (1)

Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation in the shade True Nude – This foundation is beautiful and gives you radiant, dewy skin whilst providing quite a good, buildable coverage. It is easy to blend into the skin and is a perfect match to my skin tone.

TopShop cream blusher in the colour Illicit – This blusher is the perfect pink colour with beautiful gold and brown undertones. It is also so easy to apply and in no way scary like other cream bushes, it easily blends into the skin providing a natural flush to the cheeks. And is the only blush I use.

Bare mineral Bronzer in the shade Warmth – Is the perfect bronze colour for my skin. I got it with the Bare Minerals starter kit so it is literally the perfect bronze shade for my skin tone and so easy to build and blend into the skin.


Naked Palette- I’m sure you have all heard quite a lot about this palette but it’s because they are really worth the rave. I use every single colour in this palette and it is just so beautiful. It’s the one I always reach for. I’ve actually left it at a friends so I don’t have it in todays photos but my favourite colours are Virgin, Sin, Half Baked, Naked and Smog.

Collection Extreme 24 hr Felt Tip Liner- This liner has everything you need in a liner. It is super black, super easy to use and has super staying power. What more can I say but I love this liner.

The Body Shops Eye Definer Shade in the colour Copper Brown – This is just a simple easy to use eye liner pencil. But I love it. It is not waxy or harsh on the eyes, and so easy to blend and create and natural or smoky eye makeup look.

image1 (2)

Rimmel Lip liner in the shade Eastend Snob- Another online cult classic this lip liner is just beautiful from its shade to its shape it is perfection. It has great staying power and suits so many skin tones.

Bare Minerals Lip Stick in the shade Be Brave- This beautiful nude shade is just the perfect nude for my lips and has lovely minty taste to it which I really enjoy. It is just perfect! it is moisturizing and stays on my lips all day.

The Body Shops Vitamin E Lip Care – I suffer from really dry lips so I’m always looking for a good lip care product to go under my lipsticks. And this just does the job beautifully. It is not stick or heavy on the lips and I can apply my lipstick, gloss or lip liner on almost immediately after applying it. It’s not the best product I’ve had for dry lips but it defiantly does the job.

image4 (1)

I hope you enjoyed this little post! I am by no means a makeup expert but I do really enjoy using these products. I would highly recommend them especially if you are starting your own makeup collection. Also these product work for my skin tone and skin type which mean they may not work for you. But there are thousands of other products that might suit you better. Just because I love them and they work for me doesn’t mean you should just go out and buy them, buy what works for you! That is my Number One makeup tip!!!

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I hope you have a lovely day!

Love Lexi.

50 shades of my wardrobe

So with such a hype over the release of fifty shade of grey over this past week I thought there must be a pun with the title I can use. Then I thought 50 SHADES OF MY WARDROBE! Pretty much I will be going through a few of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe and colour code them! Just to give you an insight into both my style and my personality!  I won’t be showing you my entire wardrobe because then this blog post would be far too long, but I will show you SOME of my favourite pieces. Also I realise that there isn’t exactly 50 shades here but we will quickly forget that fact and move on!

Hope you enjoy!



Geek Jumper and Red shirt – I wore the red shirt all through the Christmas season. I felt so festive.

I own nothing orange so I’m just going to skip this one.



Mustard jumper – Okay I know this is more of a mustard colour but mustard is a shade of yellow!



Army green low neck shirt, teal skater skirt and my olive jeans – I am just in love with these jeans they are just so comfortable and easy to wear.


image3 (1)

Blue printed skater dress, blue scarf with floral detail, blue beanie and blue denim jeans – I lived in this dress over the summer it just fits perfectly, suits my figure and looks incredible with my navy kimono!



Navy kimono with cream feathers, navy kimono and navy lace dress – I am in love with all of these! (Sorry the picture isn’t great my camera just didn’t want to work)


image1 (2)

Pink lace dress with sleeves and high wasted jeans – I love this rose pink colour on my skin and I love wearing those pink jeans with my black leather jacket just to edge it up a little!



No’1 addiction top, skaters skirt, rain jacket and these vintages style shoes with burgundy tops – I just love this colour for the colder months and I think it really suits my skin tone and eye colour. (Dark brown if you were wondering)


image4 (1)

White lace dress and a full length dress with cut out back – I wore the full length dress to my cousins wedding last October and I got so many compliments! I wore it with my navy kimono and a cute head piece I was going for the bohemian vibe and it worked!



Grey camera print top, grey beanie, grey oversized jumper and grey skater skirt – I just love everything here, I always wear that printed top and if I’m just hanging around the house then I love wearing my grey jumper! And a little secret I got the beanie in the guys section on Primark! Shhh…..



Black crop top with little white flowers, LBLD little black lace dress, floor length skirt with slits up the side, black cut out shoes and my newest purchase this black poncho thing I don’t really know what it is but I love it and I just know I’m going to wear it all the time!

Black and white


Camera print crop top, black and white jumper, panda hat and white and black jeans – I’m just in love with the crop top. I got it in this shop in Rome last summer and I literally could have bought the entire shop!

Leather (pleather)


Nude, brown and black pleather jackets. Let’s face it I’m a student I cannot afford real leather. Also I’m an animal lover so I wouldn’t! I also realise Leather is not a colour but sure what can we do!

So that is some of my clothes from my wardrobe, I hope you enjoyed! Be sure to like and follow to be updated on future blog posts. And or go follow me on my social networking sites. And be sure to leave a comment if you have any future blog ideas I’m always open to suggestions.

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I hope you have a lovely day

Love Lexi.

Little Introduction

Hello, my name is Lexi and this my blog. I know what a typical and unoriginal beginning, but if I were to meet you on the street or at a party, all I would simply say is ‘Hello, my name is Lexi’. It’s simple, an easy and relaxed introduction. No fancy elaborate speech introducing you to my thoughts and plans for this blog, just a simple start to a simple thing 021515_1337_Littleintro1.jpg I will however tell you that I am not entirely sure what this blog will be about. I do know that I love a lot of things and many (if not all) of them will eventually be a topic of discussion at one time or another. Whether it’s about Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle, Music, Books or my general thoughts and opinions about things. If I am interested about it, I will write about it.image3 I do have somewhat of a plan scheduling wise. I hope to blog twice a week, I will eventually find official days for posting. On exception of when I’m traveling and simply cannot blog. Oh I will also be sporadically doing a segment I like to call ‘Photography Fridays’. Basically I will be posting some pictures I’ve taken over the past few    months with a little caption. I just thought this would be a nice little thing for me to do since I love photography. Photography wise, I will be using my Iphone 4s for pretty much all of my photos for this blog. I am however saving up for a proper camera and will hopefully have that sooner than later. The Iphone camera isn’t necessarily a bad camera, it’s actually very good and I have taken some incredible photos from it. But obviously they won’t be as good as some of the other bloggers pictures. But please do be patient, I have waited a long time to get a proper camera and when that day comes you most certainly will know about it. 021515_1337_Littleintro2.jpg So I hope that this short introduction has made you in one way or another interested. And I hope that this may be the start for something very……… Interesting! Thank you for reading. Be sure to check out my social media sites to be informed on new blog posts and anything else I’m up to. Talk to you soon! Love Lexi. Social media Twitter@Waitingflowers                                                                                                                                    Instagram @waitingwallflowers

(Let me know if there are any other social media sites you’d like me to join. I’d love to hear from you so leave a comment and let me know about anything you would like me to post in the future I’m always looking for suggestions)

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