Liebster Award!

The word ‘Liebster’ is of German origin; meaning dearest, sweetest, nicest, kindest, etc. The purpose of this tag it to help promote and welcome new bloggers to the community.

Rules of the Liebster Award:

# Give credit and appreciation to the blogger who nominated you # Answer the 11 questions set by your nominator # Nominate a maximum of 11 bloggers who have less than 200 followers # Create 11 questions for your nominees # Notify your nominees via their blogs/social media accounts

Thank you oh so much to the lovely Zoe (Zoe’s Musings) for the nomination! Just like her this is also my first nomination/award I’ve received for this blog and I want to thank her for even considering me! Here are my answers to her questions I hope you enjoy!

Q1) What’s one beauty item you cannot live without?

I find this really hard to answer but I would have to say my………… Bare minerals powder foundation. It is just amazing it cover everything whilst not feeling like your caked in makeup. It also allows my skin to breath and doesn’t cause breakouts.

Q2) Favourite Disney film?

I would have to say either The Lion King, Pocahontas or Mulan or wait there is also Beauty and the Beast and The Princess and the Frog! Oh god it’s just easier to say I love them all. Yep I love every Disney movie! (Oh god I’m such a typical girl right now)

Q3) Your favourite feature/body part of yourself?

I really like my eyes! I have really dark brown eyes which is weird because my father has blue eyes and my mother also has brown eye but they are much lighter than mine! It’s kind of weird but I still really like them. But I do also like my lips, bar the fact that they can get really dry in cold weather!

Q4) Favourite Disney Prince/Princess

My favourite prince would be Aladdin and or Eric and for princesses I always loved Belle, Pocahontas and Rapunzel.

Q5) Your Favourite Song?

Asking me a question like that is like asking a mother which child she prefers! IT AINT HAPPENING!

Q6) Dream Holiday destination?

I want to travel the world one day so I would like to go to so many different places! Scandinavia, Thailand, India, New Zealand, Peru, Chile, Morocco……… the list goes on and on and on.

Q7) Favourite Makeup brand?

High end I would have to say either Urban Decay or Bare Minerals and for High street I would say either Rimmel or Sleek!

Q8) Your Favourite dessert?

Dark Chill Chocolate……. Ummmmmm!

Q9) Favourite Designer

I’m not really sure to be honest I tend to just love clothes more than brands, if that make any sense. If I like something I don’t really acknowledge if it’s from a certain brand or shop I just like it. I haven’t come across a brand that I have loved all of their designs but when that day comes you’ll be sure to know about it.

Q10) Celebrity Crush

Andrew Garfield, Douglas Booth, Eddie Redmayne and Paul Wesley Love them all. There are more but if I list them all we will be here for a while. And to be honest I’m in love with most of them because of the part they have played in a movie/TV show. If only that were really them!

Q11) What accomplishment are you most proud of?

I also found this question extremely hard! In fairness to myself I have accomplished quite a few things in my life. Some smaller than others and some most people wouldn’t really acknowledge. I have help raise huge amounts of money for different charities, I’ve preformed in amazing venues (school choir), I’ve just gotten my first real job and at the moment I’m happy! I have nothing that really stands out because I see all my accomplishments as being equal no matter how big or small.

Wow sorry that last one got a bit cheesy and over emotional sorry about that! I hope you all enjoyed this little post. I would again like to thank Zoe for nominating me and I would like to nominate………..

Kelsey’s Blog


Styling The Chapters

Chloe Turner

Here are your Questions

  1. Favourite Season?
  2. Favourite high street store?
  3. Best thing about blogging?
  4. Favourite social media site?
  5. Top 5 places to visit?
  6. Best quality either physically and personality?
  7. Favourite quality in other people?
  8. Favourite type of shoe?
  9. Celebrity Crush?
  10. Favourite movie?
  11. Favourite memory?

I know that I haven’t nominated 11 bloggers but I’m new to this and haven’t met many new bloggers yet but I’ll be adding to the list! Hope you guys enjoy your questions!

Love Lexi.


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