How to get through a Sick Day

Obviously sick day are the worst possible days but there are a few thing I do that help me make them better and make me feel that I wasn’t just sitting around all day doing absolutely nothing. From food items to perfect movies, pamper sessions to great movies this post will have it all. So I hope you enjoy and maybe this may help a few of you with nice ideas to do on the days you can’t really do anything. And as I’m writing this I really am sick so this is literally what I’m doing.

Foods I like to eat when I’m sick

Soup- nothing beats a hot bowl of homemade soup and a bread roll (the picture below is actually homemade soup and bread I made myself at this retreat thing a few months back. It was delicious!)

image1 (2)

Natural Jellies – I’m not actually sure if that’s the actual name of the sweets I’m on about but whenever I’m sick my parent always come home with a bag of them for me. I don’t know why or how but they do make me feel better!

Fruit – I try and eat as much fruit as I can just because they contain so many vitamins and healthy bacteria that help fight of colds and flus and I love smoothie (recipe below)

Drinks I love when I’m sick

Smoothies- I love smoothies any way but when you are feeling awful a smoothie is perfect. It can contain so many helpful fruits and vegetables that will help you fight off colds and flus and they taste delicious here is a simple recipe for those of you who are just venturing into the smoothie world and for those of you with a little extra experience.

Greek Yoghurt
Orange juice

And if you want you can add a little bit of honey to sweeten. I tend not to measure out my ingredients so just add the amount you’d like and make sure you add enough liquid (orange juice) to loosen it there are similar more accurate recipes on Pinterest!

Green Tea- I also love drinking green tea (everyday of the week) but especially when you are sick it tastes even better. To be honest I think any hot drink will do it.

Pamper session

This is your perfect opportunity to really go all out and treat yourself! I love lighting a few candles and taking a hot shower (I don’t have a bathL) and using all those product you only like to use on a special occasion. Then grad the biggest cosiest dressing rob you have and get all cosy, and face mask it up! I love using a Deep cleaning face mask just to remove everything and make you feel almost normal again. I also take this opportunity to do a proper manicure and pedicure. I love going all out it makes me feel so much better.
image3 (2)

Things I love to do

When I’m sick I usually just camp out in front of the tv and laptop and catch up on all those shows everyone else finds time to watch. I’ve started watching Once Upon A Time and I’m in love! I’m only on season two so now is the perfect time for me to catch up! I also enjoy watching old Disney classics todays choice Pocahontas! Or tacky, chessey chick flicks they always boost my mood.

I do also use this time to catch up on school projects. I know they are the last thing you want to do when you’re sick but after you finish you do feel like you were productive that day. Then you can also tell your parents you weren’t sitting in front of the tv all day.

SLEEP – for me nothing beats a cold more than a good nap!

So that is a few things that help me get through a sick day! I hope you liked it be sure to check out my social sites (below) and I’d love to know what you guys like to do on the days you’re sick so leave a comment and be sure to subscribe to know when I post next.

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Love Lex.


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