Junk Kouture 2015

Junk Koture is a nationwide completion in Ireland where students in secondary school have a chance to make a dress/outfit using 100% recyclable material. Junk couture is not just an opportunity to make a pretty dress it also help raise awareness about the huge problem we have with JUNK! This competition is a great way to raise awareness using a fun and creative outlet. I have loved this completion for years now and this was my official year to enter it. We are only allowed to compete when we are in our 4th year in my Secondary school so two of my friends and I created a dress using recyclable material, and entered into the competition along with 5 other girls/teams from my school! Over 900 people entered in our district (south) and unfortunately we didn’t get through but two girls from my year did! Which meant we were able to go to UL (University of Limerick) and watch the Southern Semi-Finalist Junk Kouture Competition 2015. And so sum it up in one word it was, INCREDIBLE!

Dresses made from Rubber Gloves to Human Hair, from Bullet Cartridges to Mc Donalds happy meal boxes, from Soccer Balls to Coffee Cups and so much more! The amount of unique and outrageous materials used and clever and sophisticated designs mean that this year’s completion was not only amazing but was extremely difficult especially on the four judges who had to choose the top 18 dresses out of 82 unique and outstanding designs!

So here are some of my favourite dresses and the winners of the 2015 semi-finalists with a little information and stuff! Hope you enjoy.

Junk Kouture 2015

image1 (2)

‘Genesis Reborn’ made of paper and feathers. gave a beautiful interpretation of a bird with its bird like wings and feathers and the performance was incredible.


‘An Coileach Dorcha’ this dress was made out of different plastics, feathers and bin bags and has beautiful greens, turquoises and purples that reflected off the light beautifully, and the performance was equally stunning.

image4 (1)

I Think this dress was called ‘Lady Lolita’ but the dress was simple and elegant and the performance was just stunning to watch.


‘Touch of Glass’ this dress was beautiful and it had over 6000 pieces of glass on it the performance was good and the dress was just breath taking!


‘Power in Pink’ this suit was not only amazing to look at but it also came with a statement with music such as Beyoncé’s ‘Run The World’ and with Emma Watsons UN speech about women and gender equality this suit was all about empowering women and equal right. And the dancing an performance was incredible as well.


‘Independence’ this dress was all so a statement dress leaning towards the right to freedom of speech and the freedom to write. With music that included Martin Luther Kings ‘I have a dream’ speech and the giant pen the girl was carrying this dress was great to promote the right to freedom of speech!


‘The Nutcracker’ Another very interesting dress t dress was made out of Pistachio nuts and I saw this dress up close and the amount of detail that is in it is outstanding and it was a beautiful performance.


I think this dress was called ‘Couture Parfait’ and was entirely made out rubber gloves and feathers it looked amazing down the run way but unfortunately the performance was only ok but it was a beautiful dress.


‘Titanium’ this dress was made out of Coca Cola cans and tin foil the light reflected off the tin beautifully and the performance war really good!


‘Blue Lagoon’ this dress was made out of hundreds of water bottles! to be honest I love the idea more than I love the dress.


‘Forrest Fire’ this was one of my favourite dresses of the night it just looked beautiful down the run way the performance was incredible to watch with her bow and arrow in hand and the perfect music ❤


‘ A Breath of  Fresh Hair’ yep this is what your thinking this dress it made of Human Hair!!! Don’t ask me how they got it or how they made it! Personally I don’t want to know.


‘Populishious’ Yep another slightly weird yet wonderful one this dress is made of Popcorn and popcorn crenels. Her performance was really good ant was just a really good idea!


‘Plume De Paon’ This dress was made out of Peacock feathers and it was just amazing from the performance to the dress its self! I loved it


I cant remember the name of this dress but I love it! with its Egyptian Godess feel and cool use of material I just found myself loving this dress!


So here are the final 18 dress that were chosen to go to the finals all the dresses were amazing and the ones above are only a fraction of the many I thought should have gone through! Unfortunately the girls from my school didn’t get through but there as=re still two wild card places so fingers crossed I hope you enjoyed this post. I am sorry for the poor quality in the pictures the lighting wasn’t great and the voom on my camera sucks! Feel free to leave a comment about which dress was your favourite and go check out my social media sites for more info on future post or you can just follow I hoped you enjoyed this post and don’t forget

Reuse, Reduce, Recycle, Refashion

Love Lex.

Here is the link to the official Junk Kouture Page http://www.junkkouture.com/

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