Photography Friday #1

Photography Friday is a new segment that will be occurring on this blog. It’s pretty much me just putting up pictures I’ve taken and telling you a little about them, ALL PHOTOS HAVE BEEN TAKEN BY ME! I am very proud that I have taken these and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! I will not be posting a Photography Friday every Friday just maybe once a month or so. I hope you like them I will also be putting them up on my Instagram (they will be better quality on there because of their size, so go check it out (link at the bottom)

image1 (2)

‘Up In The Air’

this photo was taken when I was traveling to Italy flying over the Alps you could see mountains for miles it was incredible.


‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’
When I was in Italy I was able to visit the beautiful city of Venice and I instantly fell in love! From its calm and relaxed atmosphere to it’s breath taking architecture and I’m extremely lucky to be visiting there again in late may! But it just kills me  that the water levels keep rising and that in the future this beautiful city will  probably be covered in water.

image3 (2)

‘After the Storm’
This picture again was taken in Italy just after this huge storm and if there is one thing I love most in the world is a STORM! So I was going crazy seeing all the lightening, rain and even a small twister out at sea. Afterwards the sky just opened up and looked incredible I find it amazing how thing can go from hectic to calm in the space of seconds. Tis is probably one of my favourite pictures I’ve ever taken because of the colours and memory that comes with it.


‘Sunday Sunset’
Most Sundays my family and I go for a walk either in the woods or at the beach and on this particular Sunday in November there was this beautiful sunset! It was freezing  cold but I remember not wanting to leave until the sun had set because I didn’t want to miss the perfect shot.


I was taking a walk in the woods and on my way back the sun was just setting and there were these two birds that just kept flying across the sun creating beautiful silhouette.


‘For Those Below’
I was walking in the woods and looked up to see just a really cool picture of trees against a grey sky. I love waking in the woods and there is always something new to take a picture of.


‘Forest Floor’
Yet another picture of a sunset and the woods. I don’t actually remember taking this photo but I like it and I like how the light just comes out from behind the trees.

And that’s it! My first Photography Friday’ I hope you guys liked it let me know in the comments which photo was your favourite and send me some of your favourite photos on Instagram or twitter. Thank you for reading!

Love Lex.

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