Hudson Taylor Concert!

So I was lucky enough to get Hudson Taylor tickets for my birthday. If you don’t know who Hudson Taylor are they are two Irish brothers (Harry and Alfie Hudson- Taylor) from Dublin. They have been on the music seen since 2011 and released their debut EP Battles in August 2012, in November that year they also released their Cinematic Lifestyle EP and then they released their Osea EP in October 2013. I own all of these EPs and I can honestly say there is not one song on any of them that is ‘okay’ or ‘only alright’ they are all amazing and complement each other perfectly. And now they have just realised their first debut album Singing for Strangers which is just a piece of musical genius! (Released January 16th 2015) I am just in love with their old folky vibes whilst still being able to keep the music sounding fresh and original. And I know they get this everyday on social media sites but they are literally the modern day Simon and Garfunkel!


So the concert is this Sunday 1st of March and is the final night of their first headlining tour! And after being a fan of their music for so long it’s needless to say that I am very excited! So in preparation for this concert I have decided to make a concert check list! Pretty much a list of everything you need for the concert, from waiting outside to in the end! I hope this help a few of you who have concerts coming up or who have never been to a concert and want to be prepared for when that day comes. So here it goes! Hope you enjoy!

Outfit- This is what I’ll be wearing to the concert. I’m in the standing zone so I’m wearing these comfortable old style shoes. ALWAYS wear comfortable shoes to a concert whether you’re sitting or standing because there is still a lot of waiting around in lines so if your feet hurt then you won’t be enjoying the concert. For the concert I’ve gone for this bohemian old school vide, I’m just in love with this playsuit (Zara) and it so comfortable and easy to move in so prefect for a concert. The kimono (New Look) just adds a little something extra and the belt bring the dress in and shows off my waist. I just love this outfit and I think its prefect for a concert.

image1 (2)

Venue – Always make sure you have all the details of the venue! A lot of venues don’t allow people under the age of 16 to enter without an adult. I’m sixteen so I’m fine and I have been to this venue many times before so I know all the exits and stuff! Just try to know your surroundings just in case you feel ill or one of your friends do! It gets hot in concerts so something like that could very well happen, it has happened to a few of my friends before!

Camera – DO NOT FORGET A CAMERA!!! If you do you will regret it to the day you die. I’m using my IPhone to take the photos, and don’t just rely on your friend for all the photos. Phones and cameras break and you could lose photos very easily so if only one of you have the photos and that one gets broken then you are screwed!!! It’s also nice to be able to look back at them in the future.

Umbrella- Now for those of you who live in beautiful California, Spain or Australia where it never seems to rain then lucky you, you can skip this part. But if like me you live in Ireland or England or somewhere where it rains a lot! BRING AN UMBRELLA! I went to a Mumford and Sons concert in December (2012) (best concert I’ve been to so far <3) and we knew it was about to rain just before we started to head towards the venue, so we were smart and we bought cheap umbrellas in some store and they were so useful. The second we got to the venue it started raining and if we hadn’t gotten the umbrellas then we would have been standing out in the rain for over an hour. You do not want that?

And finally Friends- being able to share the experience with a friend will make it worth your while, you will probably get some inside jokes (I have plenty form concert) you will be able to talk/relive it with those friend and best of all you will enjoy being able to share that experience with someone who loves the artist just as much as you do! I’m going with 3 of my best friends and I just know I’m going to have an incredible time!

image1 (2)

I hoped this helped a few of you! If you have any concerts coming up leave and comment down below telling me who you are going to see or tweet me @waitingflowers or if you have just been to a concert tag me in the photo on Instagram @waitingwallflowers I’d love to hear about what music you guys are into and hopefully find some new artist to listen to. Be sure to check out Hudson Taylor they have a YouTube channel with all their songs and few covers. I hope you love them just as much as I do!

Thank you for reading!

Love Lexi.


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