50 shades of my wardrobe

So with such a hype over the release of fifty shade of grey over this past week I thought there must be a pun with the title I can use. Then I thought 50 SHADES OF MY WARDROBE! Pretty much I will be going through a few of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe and colour code them! Just to give you an insight into both my style and my personality!  I won’t be showing you my entire wardrobe because then this blog post would be far too long, but I will show you SOME of my favourite pieces. Also I realise that there isn’t exactly 50 shades here but we will quickly forget that fact and move on!

Hope you enjoy!



Geek Jumper and Red shirt – I wore the red shirt all through the Christmas season. I felt so festive.

I own nothing orange so I’m just going to skip this one.



Mustard jumper – Okay I know this is more of a mustard colour but mustard is a shade of yellow!



Army green low neck shirt, teal skater skirt and my olive jeans – I am just in love with these jeans they are just so comfortable and easy to wear.


image3 (1)

Blue printed skater dress, blue scarf with floral detail, blue beanie and blue denim jeans – I lived in this dress over the summer it just fits perfectly, suits my figure and looks incredible with my navy kimono!



Navy kimono with cream feathers, navy kimono and navy lace dress – I am in love with all of these! (Sorry the picture isn’t great my camera just didn’t want to work)


image1 (2)

Pink lace dress with sleeves and high wasted jeans – I love this rose pink colour on my skin and I love wearing those pink jeans with my black leather jacket just to edge it up a little!



No’1 addiction top, skaters skirt, rain jacket and these vintages style shoes with burgundy tops – I just love this colour for the colder months and I think it really suits my skin tone and eye colour. (Dark brown if you were wondering)


image4 (1)

White lace dress and a full length dress with cut out back – I wore the full length dress to my cousins wedding last October and I got so many compliments! I wore it with my navy kimono and a cute head piece I was going for the bohemian vibe and it worked!



Grey camera print top, grey beanie, grey oversized jumper and grey skater skirt – I just love everything here, I always wear that printed top and if I’m just hanging around the house then I love wearing my grey jumper! And a little secret I got the beanie in the guys section on Primark! Shhh…..



Black crop top with little white flowers, LBLD little black lace dress, floor length skirt with slits up the side, black cut out shoes and my newest purchase this black poncho thing I don’t really know what it is but I love it and I just know I’m going to wear it all the time!

Black and white


Camera print crop top, black and white jumper, panda hat and white and black jeans – I’m just in love with the crop top. I got it in this shop in Rome last summer and I literally could have bought the entire shop!

Leather (pleather)


Nude, brown and black pleather jackets. Let’s face it I’m a student I cannot afford real leather. Also I’m an animal lover so I wouldn’t! I also realise Leather is not a colour but sure what can we do!

So that is some of my clothes from my wardrobe, I hope you enjoyed! Be sure to like and follow to be updated on future blog posts. And or go follow me on my social networking sites. And be sure to leave a comment if you have any future blog ideas I’m always open to suggestions.

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I hope you have a lovely day

Love Lexi.


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